The first impression when you enter a neighborhood is the entrance. A beautiful entrance says that the homeowners care about their neighborhood and the message it conveys is we care about our homes. Thank you Landscape Partners for always responding to the needs of our community and making our neighborhood beautiful throughout the year! We appreciate the service that you provide.
Cheryl Plunkett

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance is the core service we provide for most of our customers and includes basic turf, ornamental, tree and groundcover maintenance and cleanup. The Landscape Partners uses state-of-the-art equipment, eliminating scheduling challenges and helping us to deliver on our promise of reasonable pricing.


Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care includes fertilization, insect, weed and disease control for turf, ornamentals, trees and groundcovers. This service is scheduled on a variety of frequencies depending on your plant needs and budget. Our team of applicators, are trained and licensed to do this work. Everything is done in-house, which not only improves response time, but also the quality our customers receive.


Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

With the complexities of our southern climate, having licensed irrigators on staff is imperative for a landscape maintenance company. We provide a regular evaluation of our customer's irrigation system and perform other services on an on-call basis. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs. License Number to LI0008804 Ryan Zimmerman


Color Design & Installation

For many, the seasonal color design and subsequent installation of color for their landscape is the difference in having great curb appeal versus average curb appeal. We carefully evaluate the area that will be planted and develop creative designs that match the horticultural considerations of the planting beds. After installation, we regularly monitor the moisture level and fertilization requirements to ensure that your seasonal color is healthy and beautiful.


Landscape Design & Installation

The beauty and curb appeal of a project is often only as good as the landscape that is in place. This is where our landscape design and installation team excels. Whether it is a small replacement of shrubbery and groundcover, or a comprehensive design and installation, our landscape architect and account managers are here to serve you. We pride ourselves in developing creative and cost effective solutions to your landscape design and installation needs.


Arbor Care

One of the greatest, yet most often neglected assets in a landscape are trees. Few companies have the capability to analyze insect and disease issues or recommend proper pruning techniques. Through our Arbor Care department, our clients have access to a certified arborist who will help insure that not only are their trees healthy, but also beautifully shaped to enhance the landscape.